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S. Maria sopra Minerva

Exterior of S. Maria sopra Minerva.jpg
The church of S. Maria supra Minerva was created in the early 13th century under the direction of the Dominicans. It is of the gothic style and is considered minimalistic. The interior features rounded arches supported by slim pillars.

S. Ignazio

S. Ignazio Facade.jpg
S. Ignazio was created through the patronage of Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi and his uncle, Gregory XV, who was the first Jesuit pope. They sought to create a church dedicated to the Jesuit sect. The church is located in close proximity to the Roman…

S. Agnese

S. Agnese.jpg
The church of S. Agnese was built by Innocent X. Innocent sought to glorify his family by enhancing the Piazza Navona where his family's palace was located. The church features two towers and a dome. The Four Rivers Fountain is located outside of the…

S. Maria Maggiore

S. Maria Maggiore Exterior .jpg
The church of S. Maria Maggiore was believed to have been built by Pope Liberius (352–66) after a miraculous snowfall in the summer. However, historians hold that the church was created by Sixtus III (432-440). The church features a nave and aisles.…

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Exterior.jpg
Old St. Peter's was built in the early 4th century to memorialize the burial place of St. Peter. When the papacy returned from Avignon, the Vatican was selected to be the official seat of the papacy. The renovation of the church began during the…

Tomb of Gregory XIII

Gregory XIII, introducer of the modern calendar, was buried in a tomb in St. Peter's Basilica. The pope was depicted on a pedestal atop his marble sarcophagus in the act of blessing. The sarcophagus featured a relief which depicted the pope handing…

Tomb of Urban VII

Urban VII.jpg
Urban VII, notable for having the shortest papacy in history, was originally buried in St. Peter's Basillica. However, he was reburied in 1606 in S. Maria sopra Minerva. The tomb is considered to have been of the conventional manner of the time. The…

Tomb of Clement IX

Clement IX.jpg
Clement IX was originally buried in St. Peter's Basilica; however, his remains were transferred in 1680 to S. Maria Maggiore. His new tomb is located across from the tomb of Nicholas IV. The personifications of Charity and Truth flank the figure of…

Tomb of Sixtus V

Sixtus V.jpg
Sixtus V commissioned his own tomb and that of Pius V which he elected to be built in the Sistine Chapel which he was responsible for building. The pope is depicted kneeling with folded hands. Around him there are five releifs which convey the…

Tomb of Paul V

Paul V.jpg
Paul V commissioned his own tomb to be located in the Pauline Chapel, which he created. It was built opposite the tomb of Clement VIII which he also commissioned. Paul V is depicted kneeling in the center of the wall tomb. Triumphal arches and…