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Fontana del Quirinale

When Sixtus glanded from the windows of the Quirinal Palace, he would see a site that attracted and fascinated both citizens and pilgrams, a reminder of his appreciated contributions to the Quirinal. Since classical days, marble statues of two horses…

Fontana della Madonna dei Monti

On September 9, 1587, the Commune di Roma commissioned Giacomo della Porta and Battista Rucsone to design and sculpt a fountain to accompany the Church of Madonna dei Monti. The fountain was constructed from 1588 to 1589. Since the Piazza della…

Chiavica dei Serpenti

Constructed in 1587, the Chiavica dei Serpenti was a conduit that carried the Acqua Felice's water south from the Piazza del Quirinale. In contrast with the water supply on the Quirinal and Capitoline (which mirrored processional routes) and on the…

Targa della Conserva d'Acqua

This distribution tank was located on the outside wall of the barracks building in the Palazzo Quirinale. Constructed in 1587, the same year water reached the Quirinal, this targa directed the Acqua Felice's water to the gardens of the Palazzo…

Castello del Giardino Quirinale

Located at the corner of Via del Giardino and corner of Via del Quirinale, this distribution tank was constructed in 1587, when Felice water reached the Quirinale, to bring water to the gardens of the Quirinale Palace.

The Quattro Fontane

Among the first fountains brought to life upon Felice water's arrival on the Quirinal were three of the four little wall fountains, eventually called the Quattro Fontane. Sixtus V often took long walks, especially on Sundays after Mass, to see the…

Hydraulic Pump at Frati Carmelitani Scalzi di Santa Maria della Vittoria

Estimated to have been completed in 1587, this device was designed to transport water to the upper levels of the Frati Carmelitani Scalzi di Santa Maria della Vittoria. A hydraulic pump was necessary since water reaching the monastery had little…

Lavatoio Felice

Adjacent to monumental Fountain of Moses the Piazza della Terme, Domenico Fontana’s Lavatoio Felice, constructed from 1588 to 1589, includes similar imagery celebrating the Sixtus V’s contributions including the Montalto coat of arms, a depiction of…

Beveratore alla Fontana di Mose

Located on the north wall of the Fontana di Mose, this beveratore provided drinking water for cattle. Along the Via XX Settembre, this fountain was easily accessible for those walking along this road and complimented the terminal fountain which…

Fontana di Mose

The Acqua Felice reached the Quirinal Hill in a monumental fashion in 1587, terminating with the triumphant Fountain of Moses at the Quirinal’s apex. The terminal fountain, part of the Piazza della Terme, was adjacent to the beveratore and lavatoio,…